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“Aloha Spirit, From Head to Toe.”

Fitting for a garment is a fun and exciting start to design. Your input and ideas really help to make the experience enjoyable. Some tips I have for fitting are:

1. Collect pictures and drawings of whole garments or parts of garments that you see online or in a magazine.

2. Take the time to shop for fabric. Usually, your first choice is always the one you end up buying…Ask if it’s possible to get a swatch or small piece of fabric for a sample if you’re not sure. (I choose fabrics by how good they feel to the touch. Imagine if you can stand it against your body for 4 hours…then that’s what you would buy or not buy).

3. Calculating yardage is tricky. That is determined on an individual basis by me.

4. Notions like thread and buttons are provided/included. So purchasing those items are usually not necessary. Notions such as zippers, trim, fringe, bias tape, etc. are provided by you the customer.

5. Bringing a sample or item of clothing is a helpful guide to construction. A sample provides an accurate guide for sizing, thus keeping fitting appointments to a minimum.