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“Aloha Spirit, From Head to Toe.”

Niome Queypo – I’ve been designing clothes since 1992.  This skill developed out of necessity because I could not find clothes in my size that were age appropriate.  I was only 18, size 16, and did not want to dress like a 40 year old. Even before that, I was groomed by my grandmother Kiyono Sato, to sew and try anything.  She often made me patchwork blankets with colorful mis-matched prints from Cornet or Woolworths, which I still have today. When I met Margaret Higa, my husband’s grandmother, she continued to inspire me with perfecting my garment construction and quilting skills. She always said, “You’ve made a great garment when you can wear it inside out.” I still take that to heart when sewing, constructing or designing anything. Although I’m not a perfectionist by nature, I will always strive for a perfect end product, never to look home sewn or unprofessional.